Lt. Col. John W. Mosley Student- Athlete Mentoring Program

This program is named after Lt. Col. John W. Mosley, who is Colorado State’s first Black football student-athlete in the record-keeping era. He earned his degree from Colorado State in 1943, and is a proud member of the original Tuskegee Airmen, flying combat missions over Europe in World War II.

Lt. Col. John W. Mosley

This program began during the 2011-2012 academic year and is designed to assist student-athletes by serving as a resource while strengthening time management skills, encouraging academic success, enhancing leadership opportunities, and creating a sense of belonging and connection to the campus and its surrounding community. Ultimately, the overall objective of the program is to reduce the percentage of academic probation rates, to increase retention rates to matriculation, expose them to positive role models who can relate to their transition to a Predominately White Institution, who have been through the rigors of academic achievement as a student-athlete, and who have earned their degree. Leadership skills are taught as they explore who they are as a person and as a student-athlete which starts them on a positive path towards life after college.

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