B/AACC Affiliated Registered Student Orgs

Africans United (AU)Africans United (AU)

The purpose of Africans United is to bring awareness of the diverse and rich cultures of Africa within the CSU campus and surrounding community, to establish and participate in activities designed to bring the Diaspora African community together as one and to unite African students on the CSU campus as well as in the community.

Program/Event Highlights

  • Hosts the annual “African Awareness Week” in early April, leading toward Saturday evening’s famed “African Night”
  • Dance troupe performs around the CSU campus and in the Fort Collins community

Meeting date/time:

Thursdays @ 6:00pm with BSA via Zoom

Contact: Adeola Awolaja
Social Media: Facebook

Black DefinitionBlack Definition

The purpose of Black Definition is to provide knowledge of African American culture to the campus of Colorado State University and share black awareness year-round with an emphasis on the month of February, which is Black History Month. This organization consists of the various presidents of the B/AACC supported student organizations and is also known as the President’s Council.

Program/Event Highlights

  • Helped to secure over $36,000 to bring various types of speakers to campus
  • Brought the first Black athlete from any country to win gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics (Vonetta Flowers)
  • Assisted in the planning for the Black History Month Keynote Speakers (past speakers: Angela Davis, Hill Harper, Melissa Harris-Perry, Marc Lamont Hill, etc.)

Black Graduate & Professional Student Association (BGPSA)

Black Graduate and Professional Student Association is dedicated to fostering community, social events, and scholarship among Black graduate students at Colorado State University. We also aim to support the continued academic excellence of Black graduate students through various networking and professional development activities.

Meeting date/time


Black Student Alliance (BSA)

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

BSA is a student-led coalition that sponsors cultural activities and advocates the social and political interests of African-American students on the campus of CSU.

Program/Event Highlights

  • Sponsors annual “Break the Stage” step show each November (largest step show in Colorado)
  • Hosts day-long college workshop for high school students entitled, “Project Progress”
  • Members travel to the annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government

Meeting date/time

Thursdays at 6:00pm with BSA via Zoom!

Contact: Shirley Randolph
Social Media: Facebook


COLORS purpose is to provide an open, diverse, and inclusive space for students of color who identify within the GLBTQA+ community with an aim to educate and bring awareness of intersectionality and multiculturalism.

Meeting date/time


Contact: TBD
Social Media: Twitter

Dreamers United

Dreamers United is intended to be a safe community for DACA/ASSET students on campus. Another key aspect of this group is to mentor incoming DACA/ASSET students so that they can be successful at CSU. We also hope to raise campus awareness about DACA/ASSET issues and educate those around us as to what it means to be a Dreamer. Most importantly this a community for Dreamers run by Dreamers!

Organization’s Primary Contact Phone Number


National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The purpose of NSBE is to increase the number of culturally responsible, black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Meeting date/time

Monday at 5:15pm-6:15PM via Zoom

Contact: nsbecsu@gmail.com

United Men of Color (UMC)United Men of Color (UMC)

The mission of United Men of Color is to make a positive change on campus and in the community through service, leadership development, building community amongst students and faculty, but most importantly, culturally inclusive programming.

Program/Event Highlights

  • Clash of the Titans
  • BBQ/Game Nights
  • Community Service Projects with CSUnity
  • Intramural sports teams (Flag Football, Basketball, etc.)
  • Weekly dress-up days (with shirt & tie)

Meeting date/time

Tuesdays at 6:00pm via Zoom

Contact: Dezmond Jeans
Social Media: Facebook

United Women of Color (UWC)United Women of Color (UWC)

United Women of Color is a formally recognized student organization at CSU. UWC is a group of women who are ethnically diverse. We value our individuality, but there is power in numbers. We are here to represent and promote issues that concern us. UWC is predominantly from the African American perspective, however, it is not exclusive.

Meeting date/time

Mondays at 5:15pm via Zoom

Contact: Taya Hancock, Jordan Khalfani, Angelica Guzman
Social Media: Facebook